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131-Jan-2022Child Disciplinary Practices versus Child Rights in Zimbabwe: Viewed through Social Work Lenses
22019Internet risks and teenage children’s agency: a case of post-primary students at a school in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe
328-Apr-2023Reflections on the Social Determinants of the COVID‑19 Vaccination Programme in Zimbabwe
42021COVID-19 and the calls of humanistic social work: exploring the developmental-clinical social work concerns of the pandemic
52019Using African Ubuntu theory in social work with children in Zimbabwe
62018Parental circumstances leading to child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe
72013Innocent inmates: the case of children living with incarcerated mothers in Zimbabwe’s Chikurubi Prison
82006Beyond secondary emotions: the infrahumanization of outgroupsusing human–related andanimal–related words
92020‘Revenge porn’ and women empowerment issues: implications for human rights and social work practice in Zimbabwe
105-Jun-2023How deep is the cancerous cut of substance use disorders on human rights? The effects of substance use disorders from a human rights perspective: The thinking of Developmental Clinical Social Work
1124-Mar-2023An Exploration of the Vatsonga People’s Markers of Childhood
1223-Mar-2023The impact of the COVID-19 restrictions on women’s responsibility for domestic food provision: The Case of Marondera Urban in Zimbabwe
132014Dynamics associated with the state of cohabitation with examples from a few countries of the developing world: a literature review
142020Using a multisectoral approach in tackling child sexual abuse: lessons from a Zimbabwean case study
152014Dynamics associated with the phenomenon of matrifocality (single motherhood) in Zimbabwe: a literature review
162020Risk factors and effects of the morbus: COVID-19 through the biopsychosocial model and ecological systems approach to social work practice
172022Social Work in Zimbabwe: From Social Control to Social Change
182014Evaluating the survival strategies adopted by single mothers to enhance their livelihood in Zimbabwe
1919-Apr-2023The role of women in managing the environmental crisis: A case study of Cyclone Idai in Chipinge, Zimbabwe
202022What it means to say, ‘a person is a person through other persons’: Ubuntu through humanistic-existential lenses of transactional analysis
2123-Nov-2021Under-reportage of “sex-for-marks” cases within public universities in Zimbabwe
222013An analysis of the 2013 National Budget Statement and its implications for social work practise in Zimbabwe
232021Legal shortcomings in multisectoral forums responding to child sexual abuse (CSA): lessons from a Zimbabwe case study
242020Some impediments to child sexual abuse interventions and corresponding social work implications: reflections on the Zimbabwean Victim Friendly System
2530-Aug-2023United we stand, and divided we fall: A call to action for the decolonisation of social work in Africa
262014Exploring a linguistic intergroup bias on communication of compound-word names and acronyms among political parties
272016A critical analysis of the prostitution phenomenon, drawing examples from selected African countries: a literature review.
282014Positionality and collaboration during fieldwork:insights from research with co-nationals living abroad
29Nov-2021The role of the church in preparing congregations to face Covid-19 and life after the pandemic in Zimbabwe
302020An exposition of humanistic-existential social work in light of ubuntu philosophy: towards theorizing ubuntu in social work practice
312019Early sexual debut and substance abuse among street children of Harare Central Business District, Zimbabwe
322021Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe: lessons from 2018 cholera outbreak
3330-May-2024“Semester Marriages” and the Unintended Psycho-Social Challenges within Institutions of Higher Learning: Implications for Social Work Practice
342011Delegitimisation of disliked political organisations through biased language and acronyming
352021Is It "Aging" or immunosenescence? the COVID-19 biopsychosocial risk factors aggravating Immunosenescence as another risk factor of the morbus. a developmental-clinical social work perspective
36Jul-2021Indigenous mentoring and monitoring system amongst Vatsonga speaking people towards child protection
372013Mental illness and the Shona People
382014Child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe: an agenda for social work
3923-Feb-2022Establishing the relevance of the Ubuntu philosophy in social work practice: Inspired by the Ubuntu World Social Work Day, 2021 celebrations and the IFSW and IASSW's (2014) Global Definition of Social Work
403-Mar-2022A call for a new perspective in social work and health care: the developmental-clinical social work perspective. COVID-19 pandemic through the human rights perspective
412018Challenges faced by professionals working in child sexual abuse multi-sectorial forums: a case of the Victim-Friendly System in Zimbabwe
422021Ubuntu philosophy as a humanistic–existential framework for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
432014The social nature of benevolent sexism and the antisocial nature of hostile sexism: Is benevolent sexism more likely to manifest in public contexts and hostile sexism in private contexts?
442019Women-NGOS and financial viability: implications for women empowerment processes from a social work perspective
452021Utilising ubuntu in social work practice: ubuntu in the eyes of the multimodal approach
46Oct-2022Ubuntu and Values Underlying the Vatsonga Culture: Implications for Developmental Social Work with Children
472012Investigating the role of denial of cognition, capacity for morality and perception of child-likeness in infrahumanization
4818-Mar-2022Environmental social work through the African philosophy of Ubuntu: A conceptual analysis
492015Child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe: prevention strategies for social workers
502021Exploring the “Thigh-for-Marks” phenomenon among public universities in Zimbabwe
Results 1-50 of 69 (Search time: 0.056 seconds).