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12018Safety and health management practices in SMEs in Harare - Zimbabwe
22021The impact of communication design on strategy implementation success - a study of commercialised state owned enterprises in the communication technology and courier services sector of Zimbabwe
32017An analysis of mobile banking as a strategy to curb cash shortages in the Zimbabwe banking industry: a case of Agribank
416-Feb-2024The Application of the Fifth Discipline Strategies in the Learning City Concept: 2024 IEEE 3rd International Conference on AI in Cybersecurity (ICAIC), 07-09 February 2024, Houston, TX, USA
5Oct-2015Entrepreneurship education at the Midlands State University in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe
6Oct-2014An evaluation of survival strategies for the retail hardware sector: Case of Shurugwi.
7Apr-2022Diversification expansion strategies: their impact on profitability in retail sector in Zimbabwe
82014An analysis of the effectiveness of the strategies used to enhance service delivery in the public sector: a case of the Registrar General Department
92015An evaluation of the policies instituted by the government of Zimbabwe in promoting survival and growth of SMEs: the case of Glenview area 8 SMEs
102021The role of entrepreneurship in reducing poverty in agricultural communities
112012Patterns of live music promotion and management in Zimbabwe
122016Survival Strategies: Case Study of Retail Hardware SMEs in Shurugwi – Zimbabwe
132022Unpacking Integrated Result Based Management (IRBM) Concept
14Sep-2013Evaluating the effects of Contract Farming Practice on Production Output in Cotton Industry. Case of Cottco (pvt) ltd Company.
152018Improving capacity utilisation of furniture manufacturing SMEs through market based view : a case of Gweru, Zimbabwe .
1619-Sep-2022The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Working Capital Management and Profitability of Firms: A Case Study of Lesley Bakers PVT LTD
172012Evaluation of survival strategies used by Gweru small to medium enterprises in the motor oil industry
182006An evaluation of constraints in the adoption of e-commerce model
192014Zimbabwean entrepreneurship’s competitiveness in face of international trade in the manufacturing sector: a case of Ledger Paints
20Aug-2012Strategic role of leadership in strategy implementation in Zimbabwe's state owned enterprises
218-Apr-2024Climate change resilience strategies for safeguarding sustainable tourism in Zimbabwe
222022Financial Restructuring and Commercial Banks Performance Nexus in Zimbabwe
232019Evaluation of the cluster location decision on the performance of furniture manufacturing SMEs in Zimbabwe
242020Demographic Determinants of Youth Entrepreneurial Success
252021Hybrid corporate culture and its impact on strategy implementation in commercialised state enterprises in Zimbabwe
262023Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on the performance of Medical Aid Societies In Zimbabwe
272014Alternative debt management strategies that can be employed by Lobels bread Bulawayo
282017The significance of extrinsic motivation as a strategy to improve employee productivity: a case of Athienitis Fife Avenue Supermarket
292012Towards an epistemology of management and economics in the Zimbabwean music industry
3030-Sep-2023Opportunities and challenges in implementing the Education 5.0 policy in tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe
312014The effects of corporate social responsibility (Csr) on corporate brand positioning
3216-Feb-2024Robotics in Healthcare: The African Perspective: 2024 IEEE 3rd International Conference on AI in Cybersecurity (ICAIC), 07-09 February 2024, Houston, TX, USA
332018Human resource management practices: a case of SMEs in Zimbabwe
342014The effects of grey importation of vehicles on the performance of franchised dealers: a case of Puzey and Payne
358-May-2024Bibliometric study on organizational resilience: trends and future research agenda
362017Evaluation of employee perceptions on the reward system adopted by Telone pvt ltd
372014An assessment on sales promotional activities as key fundamentals in the improvement of a company performance: a case of BIMCO in Redcliff
382014An analysis of the factors affecting diffusion of ICTs amongst SMEs in the hardware retail industry: a multiple case study
39Sep-2020Assessing the impact of transformative innovation strategies on organisational growth in the Zimbabwean Telecoms
402014Investigating the influence of non financial incentives on employee motivation: a case of Coloursell Furnishers Pvt (Ltd).
412017An assessment of brand awareness strategies used by Peace Security Company to enhance brand visibility
422022Understanding Top Management Teams' Characteristics for Effective Turnaround Management: Evidence From the Zimbabwean Manufacturing Sector
432012Critical perspectives on succession planning in the commuter transport sector in Zimbabwe.
442022Intensification expansion strategies: their impact on profitability in retail sector in Zimbabwe
45Jun-2022The impact of ICT adoption decision-making: Case of Zimbabwean SME owner-managers
462022Trends and Patterns in Turnaround Strategies: A Bibliometric Perspective and Future Research Agenda
472014Evaluation of the effectiveness of training and development strategies in the mining sector: a case of Zimplats
482017An assessment of the effectiveness of operational risk management practises at PSMI Westend Hospital.
497-Sep-2023From perceived parental entrepreneurial passion to technopreneurship intention: The moderating role of perseverance and perceived parental entrepreneurial rewards
502013An evaluation of RBM implementation in the civil service sector in Zimbabwe
Results 1-50 of 75 (Search time: 0.065 seconds).