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Title: Investigating the Sexist Implications of Bride Price (Lobola) in Zimbabwe
Authors: Chisango, Tadios
Mafa, Itai
Maunganidze, Langtone
Keywords: Lobola (bride price)
Benevolent sexism
Ambivalent sexism
Hostile sexism
Paternalistic chivalry
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Springer
Source: Chisango, T., Mafa, I. & Maunganidze, L. Investigating the Sexist Implications of Bride Price (Lobola) in Zimbabwe. Soc (2022).
Series/Report no.: Society;
Abstract: The present study investigates the sexist implications of endorsement of bride price payment (known locally and regionally as Lobola), with a Zimbabwean sample (n = 437; mean age = 22.19, SD = 2.34). Specifically, we predicted that endorsement of Lobola and benevolent sexism would predict placing restrictions on women’s behaviour (i.e. paternalistic chivalry). More importantly, we also predicted that benevolent sexism would mediate the relationship between endorsement of Lobola and paternalistic chivalry. Results supported both hypotheses. We discuss the results within the framework of ambivalent sexism theory.
ISSN: 0147-2011
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