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Title: The impact of work-life balance on employee performance: a case study of national employment council for the food and allied industries in Zimbabwe
Authors: Chamunorwa, Samantha
Keywords: Work-life balance
Employee performance
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Midlands State University
Abstract: The research sought to assess the impact of work-life balance on performance of employees. The major drive of the research was the necessity for it to demonstrate the value of work-life balance in nurturing accomplishment of organisational goals through employees. Research was carried out at the National Employment Council for the Food and Allied Industries Head Office. Using a qualitative descriptive research approach, the researcher collected data from a sample of 17 participants who were drawn from various categories which included senior management, middle management, and non-managerial. In selecting these participants, the researcher made use of purposive non-probability sampling. Semi-structured interviews were used as the primary data collection tool. Thematic analysis was adopted in analysing the data. Major inferences from the research revealed that the major drivers of work-life imbalance include gender, high work-load, long working hours and technology in the name of flexibility eradicating the chronological boundaries between home and work. Employees were left with little or no option but to succumb to the pressures posed by the organisation in a bid for the organisation to gain a competitive edge over its competitors such as NEC Agriculture and NEC Commercial which offer fairly lower rates unlike NEC food. This pushed Designated Agents to conduct more industrial inspections in order for the clients to feel they are being provided the service. Work life imbalance has catastrophic implications on employee performance, as quality of work is affected by tardiness, reduced morale, job satisfaction and motivation to perform. Findings revealed that when proper practices pertaining to work-life balance are adopted, they provide an inspiring effect on performance of employees and in enhancing of overall organisational productivity. Findings of the research indicated that regardless of the efforts put by NEC food staff to separate family and work sphere, the two remain interconnected or inseparable domains. Failure to sustain a balance between the families and work sphere remains the major source of physical and psychological strain for the participants. From the foregoing, recommendations were made for the management at NEC FOOD to involve employees in policy formulation and ensuring gender-mainstreaming in order for both males and females to benefit from these. When organisations invest in policies and practices pertaining to work-life balance and employee involvement this immensely assists in enhancing employee performance.
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