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Title: Dynamic quadrotor traffic offense monitoring system
Authors: Ruwodo, Adrian Z.
Keywords: Traffic offences
Monitoring system
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Midlands State University
Abstract: The unavailability of strong technologies in the police force as far as traffic offenses are concerned has led to many law violators going unpunished, and the root cause of this is the limitation that all traffic road blocks around the country are totally dependent on human effort or power. The need for cheaper, smarter and efficient traffic monitoring system facilities in the police force has brought to introduction of small unmanned copters that can execute human tasks with less resources being used. The document will outline a quadcopter based surveillance and supplies’ transport system using Proportional, Integral and derivate(PID), Radio frequency technologies (RF) with Kalman filtering algorithms to control a quadcopter and Human Machine Interface(HMI) using processing 2.2.1 to show video surveillance and aid in controls. An Ardupilot (microprocessor) was implemented for the flight system.
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