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Title: The impact of employee motivation on company Performance; a case study of TM Supermarket,
Authors: Muchokochoko, Wiseman
Keywords: Employee motivation
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The research which was carried out between August and October 2014 sort to assess the impact of employee motivation on company performance at TM Rusape. The research was carried out after the researcher found out that the sales figures of TM Rusape as well as market share were falling at the same time workers repeatedly complain of not receiving their bonuses as well as working long hours. The study objectives were to assess the various motivational strategies that can be used by TM Rusape, to assess the effects of compensation on employee performance and to assess the effects of motivation on employee morale and company performance.Descriptive research design was used for the study. The whole population of 55 respondents was used. In gathering data, the researcher used primary data sources in the form of interviews and questionnaires as well as secondary data in the form of company magazines and records. The researcher used qualitative and quantitative techniques to present the research findings in the form of tables, bar graphs and pie charts. It was ascertained that employee motivation has a great influence on the performance of employees which in turn will result in company performance. TM Supermarket as a company has paid less attention to employee motivation. Motivational strategies that can be used by TM Supermarket to motivate its employees include job security, bonuses, high salary, challenging work, promotion and advancement, flexible and favorable working conditions, opportunity to do creative and innovative tasks, delegation and healthy relationship with supervisors and colleagues.It was ascertained that performance related pay is not a good motivational or compensation strategy to TM Supermarket employees because it only benefits a few at the expense of many employees. On the other hand, employee salaries need to be revisited as employees are not happy with it yet they highlighted that it plays an important role in their performance. It was concluded that motivation plays an important role in boosting the company performance since it encourages positive employee morale which is vital on excellent performance of employees. The major recommendations of this research were that TM Supermarket should be fair on its bonuses provisions as well as setting target sales figure as a basis for bonuses rather than setting a target shrinkage rate because target sales revenue can boost the performance of the company but target shrinkage rate can just minimize wastages.
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