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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2021Business and Society: An Introduction
2013The competitive advantages of organisations in Zimbabwe’s hospitality industry: A case of two organisations
30-Jul-2021Conclusion: Rethinking Business–Society Relations in Botswana
30-Jul-2021Corporate Citizenship and Workplace Democracy in Botswana: Rhetoric or Reality?
2021Corporate Citizenship: Business and Society in Botswana
2014Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation in Zimbabwean State Owned Enterprises: A Case of Institutionalized Predation
6-Feb-2024Deconstructing Iconic and Historicist State Buildings
28-Nov-2014Employees’ reactance and survival strategies in an underperforming Zimbabwean parastatal
4-Dec-2020Excavating Blind Spots in Qualitative Research: Reflecting on a Lecturer’s Experiential past
6-Feb-2024Framing Iconic Architecture: Context and Dimensions
6-Feb-2024Gender, Architecture and Space
2019Getting to Grips with Gatekeepers in African Migrant Research
6-Feb-2024Inside Indigeneity and Iconicity: The African Traditional Hut
6-Feb-2024Materiality, Architectural Re-figuration and Identity
6-Feb-2024Museums, Monuments and Statues: A Critical Review
29-May-2023Racial misconceptions of the theory of evolution predict opposition to the theory and science in general among a sample of Zimbabwean university students
6-Feb-2024Reflection and Conclusion
12-Jul-2013Rethinking pro-active disaster planning in the workplace: The case of a selected mine in Zimbabwe
14-Jul-2023Sponsored or Autogestive Materialisation of Space: Urban Informality in Harare, Zimbabwe
2018State ‘sponsored’ elitism and rural peripheralisation in Zimbabwe