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2001Congratulatory message by the Vice-Chancellor at the installation of the first Chancellor of the Midlands State University - 17th March 2001
2001Mercury poisoning: prevalence, knowledge and frequency of gold panning and doing retort among alluvial gold panners in Chiweshe and Tafuna communal lands in Zimbabwe.
2001Legislative challenges for sustainable urban development in Sub-Saharan Africa
2001Zimbabwean students' conceptions of selected ecological concepts
2001Forging new identities: globalisation, cross-border women traders and regional integration.
2001Spousal abuse and homicide
2001Inaugural speech by the Vice-Chancellor at the installation of the Chancellor and my own installation as Vice-Chancellor of Midlands State University - 17 March 2001
2002African culture and the social implications and consequences of globalization
2002The social basis of 'evil' in pre-colonial Zimbabwe with particular reference to the practice of killing twins among the Karanga
2002Evolution of environmental information systems in Africa
2002Oral traditions as heritage: the historiography of oral historical research on the Shona communities of Zimbabwe some methodological concerns
2002An alternative to patriarchal marriage: Mapoto Unions
2002Heads of households or simply breadwinners? a case study of married women in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.
2003Fluoride contaminated drinking water in Gokwe District (NW Zimbabwe): spatial distribution, lithostratigraphic controls and implications for human health
2003Opportunities for increasing productive water use from dam water: a case study from semi-arid Zimbabwe
2003Staff and school development: implications for teacher productivity, motivation and commitment
2003Housing and survival strategies of Basotho: urban women tenants
2003“Language Planning in Zimbabwe; the Conservation and Management of Indigenous Languages in Zimbabwe”. Paper presented at ICOMOS 14th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on the 30th of October 2003.
2003Reflexivity and the challenges of ethnographic film
2003The Politics of the Womb': Women, Politics and The Environment in Pre-Colonial Chivi, Southern Zimbabwe, c.1840 to 1900*