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27-Apr- 23Examining the Place of Female Musicians in Zimbabwe’s Music Industry
Aug- 221Inhibition effects of heavy metal and nutrient concentrations on photosynthetic pigments production in green algae Spirogyra sp.
1986Mufaro mwena
1988Rural growth points in Zimbabwe: prospects for the future
Feb-1988Development of urban planning in Zimbabwe
1989Physical planning in Zimbabwe: a review of the legislative , administrative and operational framework
Jun-1989Growth centre policy in Zimbabwe
Sep-1989Planning laws for urban and regional planning in Zimbabwe: a review
Jan-1990Decentralised planning in Zimbabwe: a review of provincial urban and district development planning in post-dependence Zimbabwe (Post-1980)
1991Njuzu : mutambo
1992New directions for urban development in rapidly urbanising countries: the case of Zimbabwe: the case of Zimbabwe
1992Urban local government finance in Zimbabwe: the case of Harare City Council
1994Methodology for vegetation inventory and grazing capacity assessment.
1994Comparison of arm circumference against standard anthropometric indices using data from a high density town near Harare, Zimbabwe
1995Relationship of casual blood pressure to smoking, education and occupation in a high density town near Harare, Zimbabwe.
Jan-1995Planning law in Sub-Saharan Africa: a focus on the experiences in Southern and Eastern Africa
1996Non-condom use among female nurses in Zambia
1996Bovine humoral immune responses to Haemonchus placei excretory secretory antigens
1996The epidemiology of gastrointestinal nematode infections in communal cattle and commercial beef cattle on the highveld of Zimbabwe
1997Prostitutes: vendors of another type