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Oct-2018299. Geographic mediation of dose for PIERs On the Move (POM) in the Community Level Intervention for Preeclmpsia (CLIP) in Mozambique
8-Jun-2016Barriers and facilitators to health care seeking behaviours in pregnancy in rural communities of southern Mozambique
2016Community perspectives on the determinants of maternal health in rural southern Mozambique: a qualitative study
2020The contribution of qualitative research within the PRECISE study in sub-Saharan Africa
2018Health and socio-demographic profile of women of reproductive age in rural communities of southern Mozambique
2021Implementation of a community transport strategy to reduce delays in seeking obstetric care in rural Mozambique
2020Interactions between the physical and social environments with adverse pregnancy events related to placental disorders: a scoping review
2020Is the closest health facility the one used in pregnancy care-seeking? A cross-sectional comparative analysis of self-reported and modelled geographical access to maternal care in Mozambique, India and Pakistan
2019Place-specific factors associated with adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes in Southern Mozambique: a retrospective cohort study
2020RoadMApp: a feasibility study for a smart travel application to improve maternal health delivery in a low resource setting in Zimbabwe
2017Seasonal variation in geographical access to maternal health services in regions of southern Mozambique