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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2024Adoption of Agritourism and Technology as a Panacea for Enhancing Rural Sustainable Development in Developing Countries
10-Nov-2021Against the Grain: The Tragedy of Zimbabwe in the Context of 4IR
Jul-2022An analysis of managerial skills on banking sector performance in Zimbabwe (2010-2019)
Apr-2018Bridging the Gap of Voter Apathy: A Framework for Inclusive and Enhanced Electoral Participation in Zimbabwe
30-Jul-2021Business and Society: An Introduction
2022Cash Flow Management Challenges Faced by Small Family-Owned Businesses in Zimbabwe
2021Challenges and Opportunities From COVID-19 vis-à-vis Informal Cross-Border Women Entrepreneurs Scenario in Zimbabwe
7-Sep-2023Challenges for Online Sermons and Online Communion during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Historical Perspective of Rural Congregations in the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe
Jul-2013Citizen Participation and Local Democracy in Zimbabwean Local Government System
2021Civil ‘disobedience’ and images of war: The military and police in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe
2022Colonial vestiges, difficult heritage, and the post-colony: Rescuing Ian Smith's collections at the Gwenoro ecomuseum, Shurugwi
30-Dec-2022A Critical Analysis of the Impact of Internal Auditing on Fraud Detection in the Cement Manufacturing Industry of Zimbabwe. Impact of Internal Auditing on Fraud Detection
2023The dark side of Mobile Money Transfer : A case study of Zimbabwe: The 9th Annual ACIST Proceedings (2023), held on 14th -15th September 2023 in Harare, Zimbabwe and Virtual
30-Dec-2018Decolonising urban space: Observations from history in urban planning in Ruwa town, Zimbabwe, 1986-2015
2017‘Disabled access’: debating the accessibility of Zimbabwe national museums by people with disabilities
2022The Effect Of Financial Literacy On Household Financial Decision Making In Zimbabwe
31-Oct-2022Effect of Schistosoma haematobium infection on the cognitive functions of preschool age children and benefits of treatment from an endemic area in Zimbabwe
12-Jun-2023Effectiveness of the strategies used by public universities in Zimbabwe to curb sexual harassment of female undergraduate students
13-Jul-2021Effectiveness of Disaster Risk Governance and Resilience Building: Linkages, Knowledge, Inclusiveness, and Regulation
2024Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Money Laundering in Southern Africa