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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2018299. Geographic mediation of dose for PIERs On the Move (POM) in the Community Level Intervention for Preeclmpsia (CLIP) in Mozambique
8-Jun-2016Barriers and facilitators to health care seeking behaviours in pregnancy in rural communities of southern Mozambique
2017Community perceptions of risk factors for interpersonal violence in townships in Cape Town, South Africa: A focus group study
2016Community perspectives on the determinants of maternal health in rural southern Mozambique: a qualitative study
6-May-2021Determinants of Maternal Health in Regions of Southern Mozambique
2017Geographic information system for improving maternal and newborn health: recommendations for policy and programs
6-May-2021Geographically Precise Public Health: Case of Southern Mozambique
2016Guidelines for creating framework data for GIS analysis in low- and middle-income countries
2018Health and socio-demographic profile of women of reproductive age in rural communities of southern Mozambique
2019How accurate are modelled birth and pregnancy estimates? Comparison of four models using high resolution maternal health census data in southern Mozambique
2021Implementation of a community transport strategy to reduce delays in seeking obstetric care in rural Mozambique
2020Interactions between the physical and social environments with adverse pregnancy events related to placental disorders: a scoping review
6-May-2021Introducing Health Geography
2020Is the closest health facility the one used in pregnancy care-seeking? A cross-sectional comparative analysis of self-reported and modelled geographical access to maternal care in Mozambique, India and Pakistan
29-Jul-2022Leveraging big data for improving the estimation of close to reality travel time to obstetric emergency services in urban low- and middle-income settings
2019Place-specific factors associated with adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes in Southern Mozambique: a retrospective cohort study
30-Dec-2020The Potentials of a Maternal Mobile Wallet: a Qualitative Case Study on Opportunities and Challenges From Zimbabwe
2020The PRECISE (PREgnancy Care Integrating translational Science, Everywhere) Network’s first protocol: deep phenotyping in three sub-Saharan African countries
2017Reverse innovation in maternal health
2020RoadMApp: a feasibility study for a smart travel application to improve maternal health delivery in a low resource setting in Zimbabwe